At the Heritage Law Group, our lawyers advise individuals, business owners and families about the best ways to plan for your future security through wills, trusts, gifts and other probate, will and trust disputes tools. Our services range from basic estate plan packages to advanced trust instruments suitable for complex tax liability problems or business management succession. Contact us to discuss your needs and goals with an experienced estate-planning attorney.

Our basic estate plan covers the needs of most families. It includes a pour-over will, a revocable living trust to take title to your assets, financial and medical powers of attorney to protect you in the event of an incapacitating accident, and an advance directive to physicians to guide life support decisions in extreme circumstances.

These instruments together not only specify clear instructions as to the transfer of your assets, they also will keep most or all of your assets out of probate after death. This can save your family a great deal of time and expense. This estate plan can also avoid the need for formal guardianship or conservatorship proceedings to protect you or your estate if you become unable to manage your own affairs.

Mr. Wintle moved to California in 1989 where he joined the San Jose law firm of Ferrari, Alvarez, Olsen & Ottoboni, first as an associate and later as a partner. Mr. Wintle, continued his real estate practice.

In 1995, Mr. Wintle and Terence Kane formed the law firm of Wintle & Kane, LLP and that firm subsequently merged with the Heritage Law Group, a P.C. in 2003. As a partner in the Heritage Law Group, Mr. Wintle expanded his practice to include business formation, general counsel services, intellectual property litigation, and general litigation.

Mr. Wintle has practiced in numerous areas of the law including, real estate, intellectual property, business formation and general counsel services, construction, environmental laws, commercial and residential leases drafting and review, and litigation with regard to most of these areas. He is an expert negotiator who uses his cordial nature and easy-going attitude to work closely with opposing counsel to find resolution to his client's legal problems. He is a successful trial attorney but nevertheless works hard to settle his cases before trial. As a former teacher, Mr. Wintle educates his clients so that they can be realistic with their expectations and have a clear understanding of the litigation process and its costs, both financial and emotional. Mr. Wintle is well respected and admired among clients and opposing counsels.

Mr. Wintle's expertise and good nature has led him to be sought after by clients and other attorneys as a mediator to resolve cases prior to trial.

Mr. Wintle understands the financial and emotional toll litigation can have on clients and therefore works hard to settle as many of his cases as he can to the satisfaction of his clients.

Mr. Wintle has previously served as President of the Board of Directors of the San Jose State University Alumni Association and the Greater San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, was a contributing author to Broker-Agent Magazine, part-time instructor at West Valley College Paralegal Program, and speaks regularly to real estate brokerage firms on topics relating to annual legal updates, risk assessment and risk management, broker compliance, and real estate transactions in general.